Adam Rayl


A 2-Season competitor on NBC’s American Ninja Warrior, Adam was a Walk-On Rookie in Season 8, making it all the way to Stage 2 of the National Finals, and finishing tied for 7th Place. Invited back for Season 9, he upped his game, posting the 2nd fastest times in both the Los Angeles City Qualifiers and the LA City Finals. One obstacle away from a National Finals Stage 2 completion, he fell on a final Wingnuts dismount, placing him in a 5-way tie for 4th Place.

The 2017 “off season” proved to be a competitive whirlwind for Adam. He won the inaugural Wolfpack Ninja Tour in Denver, then was named the 2017 Grand Champion after winning Wolfpack Ninja Tour 2.0. He took a first Place finish in Michigan’s Rockford Ninja Warrior Championship, and also became the National Champion of the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association competition in Dallas.

An artisan in his family’s tabletop business since the age of 12, he still assists when not traveling the country training, coaching and competing. Adam’s credo is ”Be Rock Solid”, and he strives to be “Rock Solid” in all things. He hopes that he is inspiring and encouraging kids by setting an example in his Character, Family, Work, Training & Nutrition.


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