Olivia Vivian


Miss Vivian is an Olympic gymnast from the isolated city of Perth Australia, who’s utilised her skills to prove herself as one of the strongest female competitors in her chosen sport and on Australia Ninja Warrior.

Her climb to the top of her game wasn’t an easy pathway, dealing with doubtful coaches and numerous injuries, including a broken back. But her mind is a strong as her muscles, and it lead her to 7 national titles, three world championships and a spot on the Australian team at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. When the going to tough, Olivia got tougher, making her an expert at overcoming all sorts of physical and mental obstacles.

Olivia is incredibly bubbly, has a laugh that will capture the rooms attention, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself having to speak to her feet as she spends half her time on upside down on her hands.

She moves like a monkey but speaks like a human so don’t be afraid to say hello and be inspired by her positive outlook on movement and happiness.

Olivia Vivian