Selena Laniel


Selena Laniel is one of the oldest female veterans of ANW at age 43. She Started back on Season 4 where she was the top female making it to the spider wall in Vegas. 5X ANW competitor, 2X Team Ninja Warrior competitor and 1X Ninja vs Ninja competitor as part of the Amazing Firefighter Team the Towers of Power! She is officially the oldest Female to make it up the wall and hit a buzzer!

When she’s no playing around and being a Ninja she’s a full time single Mom to two teenage girls, Alicia and Maya who are also top Athletes.

She’s a Firefighter for the City of San Diego. And takes pride and joy in serving the community. She’s a Hazmat Specialist and is part of FEMA’s Urban Search and Rescue California Task-Force 8 team that deploys around the US when called upon in Disasters. She’s a big advocate for Fitness no matter age, schedule or whatever excuse exists out there. She’s part of 555 Fitness which is a non-profit that is about Fitness awareness and helping Fire Departments obtain equipment in order to keep their Firefighters healthy, Trying to minimize cardiac arrest and other health issues that these firefighters face.

Her schedule is full but she loves every minute of it! She’s thankful for what ANW has brought to her life, friends, ninjas, experience, knowledge and the possibility to inspire all of you out there!

Selene Laniel